Techmetics extends product line with TRV Lifter

Techmetics TRV Lifter Robot
The new Techmetics TRV Lifter AMR carries payloads up to 160 kg. | Credit: Techmetics

Techmetics Robotics added the TRV Lifter to its already extensive product line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Over the last four years, Techmetics has deployed hundreds of mobile robots into applications such as disinfection, hospitality, healthcare, casinos, retail and logistics.

The company originally OEM’d and deployed an AMR platform from another robot manufacturer, but launched its own AMR product line in 2021.

The new Techmetics Robotics Vehicles (TRV) product line includes three different AMR platforms, each with a different payload specification. The company has designed a number of different payloads that can be deployed on top of the platform, depending on the application. These units are factory configured and ready to run.

The company also offers a unique trade-in program whereby a TRV owner can trade the payload package if its needs change over time. This is just one of the many ways that Techmetics is reducing the barriers to entry of AMR solutions.

Techmetics has a mature and well developed software solution, including task and fleet management. It all operates from a smartphone or smart tablet.

All of the AMRs navigate via natural feature navigation using LiDAR sensors and a 3D camera to detect obstacles. The TRV Max/Lifter units feature a bidirectional navigation option which allows forward/reverse movement without turning around. This enables the vehicles to move through spaces where it’s not possible to turn completely, as in approaches to machine tools or conveyor outfeeds.

Side view of the TRV with front and rear sensors

The Techmetics solutions run on ROS Noetic, but Techmetics has developed a rich software user interface that makes it simple to interact with and quick to learn.

a closeup view of the TRV robot showing the user interface and sensors
The TRV features an onboard user interface and easily accessible e-stop buttons. | Credit: Techmetics

All of the units feature a variety of user connections for communication and I/O to the payload mounted on top of the unit. The units all share the same charging station, so it will be simple to deploy a mixed fleet of Techmetics robots.

TRV Mini

The TRV Mini is the smallest AMR platform offered by Techmetics, measuring 650x490x390 mm (26x20x16″). The TRV Mini can carry up to 70 kg (150 lbs) and moves at a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s. The TRV Mini is the primary AMR platform for all of the various preconfigured payload options offered by Techmetics (e.g. Butler, disinfection, shelves, etc). The TRV Mini has an approximate runtime of 18 hours.


The TRV Max is the largest AMR platform from Techmetics, measuring 800X680x370 mm (32x27x15″). It can carry up to 200 kg (450 lbs) and moves at a maximum speed of 1.0 m/s. The TRV Max has an approximate runtime of 12 hours. This is the heaviest payload AMR offered by Techmetics.

TRV Lifter

The TRV Lifter is similar in physical size to the TRV Max, however it has a built in lift on its top deck. The drive base for the TRV Lifter shares the same chassis and drives as the TRV Max.

The TRV Lifter is designed to approach a cart, shelf or tote/pallet from underneath, lift the item off the ground/mount, and then transport it to its destination where it is set back down.

The TRV Lifter measures 800X680x400 mm (32x27x16″). It can lift and carry up to 160 kg (350 lbs) and moves at a maximum speed of 1.0 m/s. The TRV Lifter has an approximate runtime of 10 hours.



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