The Rise of Mobile Robots in Retail

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​​Looking at the numbers, robots in retail is booming. Brain Corp has deployed 3,000 industrial floor cleaners across retail environments, Bossa Nova has deployed 350 inventory robots in Walmart, and Simbe has deployed in retailers Decathlon and Schnuck, expecting to deploy 500 systems over the next year. Bossa Nova expects shipments to double every year for the next five years and expects to scale up to 10,000 deployments in that time.Still, significant challenges to deploying robots in retail remain. Bossa Nova notes how it collects up to 10 terabytes of data today and cannot send this amount to cloud services. Such strains will only grow with scaling. Telecommunication companies and cloud service providers will be vital to large-scale deployment of mixed fleets in the future. This service model will likely be preferred due to the challenges retailers would face deploying the technology themselves.


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