Top 10 mobile robotic stories of 2022

2022 has been an exciting year for the mobile robot sector. From exciting new deployments and robots, to big rebrands, there was no shortage of news to cover this year.

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Karl Wente receives new Monarch Tractor

10. Monarch Tractor denied an autonomous permit by Cal/OSHA

Monarch Tractor, maker of the fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor, continues to drive farming toward a smart digital future. For the last few years, Monarch Tractor has been working closely with Cal/OSHA to amend Title 8, Section 3441(b) to clarify the use of driver-optional tractors without a human operator stationed on the vehicle, within a strict set of safety guidelines. Read More


9. OPEX introduces Infinity ASRS at MODEX

OPEX unveiled its Infinity automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) at MODEX 2022 this year. Infinity joins OPEX’s two other robotic systems, Sure Sort, a sorting system, and Perfect Pick, a goods-to-person picking robot. Infinity uses OPEX’s iBOT robot vehicles that travel along a modular racking design. Read More

a locus robot moves through a UPS warehouse

8. UPS doubles productivity with Locus Robotics

UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Louisville, KY operates a 414,000 sq ft (38,000 sq m), 3PL warehouse for two large e-commerce clients. The warehouse delivers end-to-end fulfillment workflows for the clients. UPS had difficulty hiring labor to support open roles, and the output was increasing. With the cost of labor going up, UPS was looking for new innovations. Read More

Gideon Bros Trey Autonomous Fork Truck hero image

7. Gideon launches Trey, an autonomous forklift for trailer loading and unloading

Croatia-based Gideon launched a new autonomous forklift for truck trailer loading and unloading operations called “Trey”. Trey loads and unloads pallets autonomously while saving more than 80% of a loading dock worker’s time. It operates safely, consistently, and reliably in dynamic environments, working collaboratively side-by-side with people. Read More

MIR 500 AMR moves a large waste collection bin

6. IKEA deploys MiR robots to help clean up warehouse

Labor shortages often force companies to operate with fewer people. In a response to labor shortages, many manufacturers are embracing the values of lean manufacturing, including removing non-value added activities. The handling of materials leftover in the manufacturing process is one of these non-value added activities. Read More

Naio Orio autonomous agriculture robot in a field

5. Naio Technologies launches new Orio agriculture robot at World Ag Expo 2022

French robot company Naio Technologies recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and logged more than 60,000 hours of operations under real-world conditions with its agriculture robots. The company has its US headquarters in Salinas (CA), and has been operating agricultural robots in North America since 2019. Read More

Keenon T8 Mobile Robot

4. Keenon launches new T8 delivery robot at IREX2022

Keenon Robotics launched the new, compact and lightweight delivery robot T8 at the iREX 2022 tradeshow in Japan. The robot will make its debut in the Japanese market. The newest feature that sets new model apart from its siblings is that it has a new centimeter-level positioning system. With the improved positioning resolution, the T8 can navigate narrower aisles in the complex seating area of a restaurant. Read More

an illustration of a hetrogeneous fleet of mobile robots

3. What is fleet management?

A typical mobile robotic deployment will result in multiple autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) being deployed at your facility. As soon as you have more than one AMR running in your facility, you will need to have a fleet management software solution to manage the operations of your fleet. Read More

InsightTrac rover image

2. InsightTRAC autonomously removes almond mummies with pellet gun

The Mobile Robot Guide attended the 2022 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. At the show, all kinds of agriculture related vendors demonstrated their solutions to prospective buyers. We had the opportunity to see a demo of a unique new autonomous agriculture robot by InsightTRAC, and interview the inventor, founder and CEO of the company, Anna Haldewang. Read More


1. Snowbot rebrands to Yarbo, announces new multi-functional robot

Snowbot is now Yarbo, an intelligent yard maintenance provider. The company completed its rebrand in June and has announced a new robot, Yarbo. Yarbo consists of a universal robot body that can swap out different attachments to perform different yard care functions. The robot’s ability to switch out different attachments means users won’t have to buy multiple robots for each individual kind of yard work. Read More

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