Top 10 mobile robotic stories of February 2022

The mobile robotic industry continued to grow in February. From new partnerships, to the World Agricultural Expo, to more robots being deployed in the field, there was no shortage of things to cover.

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Hai Robot moves boxes at the Savoye warehouse

10. Savoye shows first HAI ROBOTICS AMR in Europe

HAI ROBOTICS is seeing its intelligent warehousing solution HAIPICK system presented for the first time in Europe by its global partner and renowned system integrator Savoye. The HAIPICK system that pioneered totes-to-person material handling is showcased at Log!Ville, a demonstration center that promotes innovative logistics solutions in Belgium. Read Story

mobile robots

9. Omron names Reeco as AMR solution partner

Omron announced Reeco as its sole UK mobile robot solution partner. The partnership will begin with Omron sending Reeco the first HD-1500 Mobile Robot in the UK. Read Story

knighscope k5 autonomous security robot

8. Knightscope robots to patrol Fortune 1000 hotel properties

Knightscope, Inc. [Nasdaq: KSCP], a developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on enhancing U.S. security operations, today announced that it secured a contract to deploy a K5 Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) in Seattle, Washington, for a Fortune 1000 hotel and resort chain. Read Story

Orio weeding robot by Naio Technologies

7. Naïo Orio agricultural robot demo at World Ag Expo

Naïo Technologies launched the new Orio autonomous mobile robot for agriculture at the 2022 World Ag Expo. The new Naïo Orio robot is a mid-sized platform designed to be a “generalist” platform that can be outfitted with any number of implements. Read Story

coco robot

6. Coco begins robotic deliveries in Austin

Coco, a maker of remotely controlled delivery robots, has started deliveries in Austin. The company launched with 10 partners, including Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe, Clay Pit, Bamboo Bistro, Arpeggio Grill, Aviator Pizza and DeSano Pizzeria. It hopes to add more in the coming weeks. Read Story

Naio Orio autonomous agriculture robot in a field

5. Naio Technologies launches new Orio agriculture robot at World Ag Expo 2022

French robot company Naio Technologies recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and logged more than 60,000 hours of operations under real world conditions with its agriculture robots. The company has its US headquarters in Salinas (CA), and has been operating agricultural robots in North America since 2019. Read Story

TinyMobileRobot paints lines on a grassy field.

4. STIHL acquires large stake in TinyMobileRobots

German industrial group STIHL today announced a significant investment into the Danish robotics company, TinyMobileRobots. STIHL’s robotic lawn mowers share a strong technical kinship with the advanced and fully autonomous line-marking robots produced by TinyMobileRobots, which are intended for use in sports fields, road construction, agriculture and more. Read Story

3. 3PL doubles productivity to fulfill medical supplies with AMRs

Saddle Creek Logistics Services provides omnichannel fulfillment and distribution services for clients throughout the United States. One client in Texas was looking for a more efficient way to provide e-commerce solutions for medical apparel and supplies that are shipped to consumers as well as major hospitals and universities. Read Story

Fetch FlexShelf

2. Could AMRs close the labor gap completely?

In the early days of the pandemic, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were valued for their ability to facilitate social distancing in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution environments. They could be used to transport everything from raw materials and parts, picked and returned items, and even waste and recycling from one worker to the next. Read Story

InsightTrac rover image

1. InsightTRAC autonomously removes almond mummies with pellet gun

The Mobile Robot Guide attended the 2022 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. At the show, all kinds of agriculture related vendors demonstrated their solutions to prospective buyers. We had the opportunity to see a demo of a unique new autonomous agriculture robot by InsightTRAC, and interview the inventor, founder and CEO of the company, Anna Haldewang. Read Story

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