Top 10 mobile robotic stories of July 2023

From humanoids to quadrupeds to turf-painting robots, there was no shortage of different kinds of mobile robots making headlines in July.

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A wide view of the TartanPest robot in a field near a sidewalk.

10. This CMU robot can help control the spread of invasive lanternflies

A team from Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU’s) Robotics Institute has developed an autonomous robot, called Tartan Pest, to help control the spread of spotted lanternflies. Spotted lanternflies are an invasive species of insects known to destroy economically important crops, like grapes, apples, hops, walnuts, and many kinds of hardwoods. Read More

mockup of locus HQ.9. Locus Robotics breaks ground for new global headquarters

Locus Robotics, a developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for warehouses, has broken ground for its new global headquarters in Willmington, MA. The facility will span almost 200,000 square feet, or 18,580 square meters, and will serve as the hub for Locus’ expanding global operations. Read More

ForwardX AMR.

8. Chery Automotive deploys 100+ ForwardX AMRs in super one factory

Chery Automobile deployed over 100 ForwardX autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from three ForwardX families: ApexFlex, and Lynx. The Apex AMRs are FowardX’s line of autonomous forklifts. These AMRs are able to automate pallet movement throughout facilities so that employees can focus on more important tasks, like returns processes, shipment packing, or picking. Read More

a Graze autonomous mower in motion cutting the grass at the DFW airport.7. Robin, Graze pilot lawnmowers at Dallas Fort Worth airport

Robin Autopilot, a provider of robotic mowing and landscaping technology, and Graze, Inc., a developer of fully autonomous commercial electric lawn mowers, have announced an initiative that will test both companies’ eco-friendly solutions for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), which manages over 14,000 acres of grass. Read More

Geek+ mobile robots on a BMW manufacturing plant.6. Geek+ drives automation of advanced BMW-producing plant in China

Geek+  and BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) automated the BMW-producing factory in China with Geek+’s goods-to-person picking solution. This makes it the first BMW-producing facility in China with goods-to-person AMRs. Read More

5. ROBOTIS unveils third generation of GAEMI AMR

ROBOTIS is a global leader and supplier of robotics solutions technology and the exclusive manufacturer of the DYNAMIXEL line of smart actuators. As an innovative service robot solution provider, ROBOTIS has been developing the indoor and outdoor versions of their next-generation Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform GAEMI (Pronounced Gèh-me). Read More

hero image of the Turf Tank Two mobile robot in a field.

4. Turf Tank releases version 2 of Turf Tank line painting robot

Turf Tank, the inventor of the world’s first autonomous, GPS-guided line marking robot, built and designed specifically for painting athletic fields, is raising the bar even higher with the release of the company’s brand-new Turf Tank Two. The new Turf Tank Two will redefine the autonomous robotic line-marking industry with its innovative hardware and software capabilities. Read More

Forwardx Flex 60t with a trolley attached.

3. ForwardX launches new 60T AMR for autonomous trolley movement

The Flex 60-T, a cutting-edge AMR outfitted with a sophisticated docking and towing system, is the latest advancement in automation technology from ForwardX Robotics. The Flex 60-T sets a new standard for handling cage trolleys and transforms the way goods are moved in warehouses and other commercial settings. Read More

hero image of a unitree go2 quadruped robot.2. Unitree launches new personal quadruped for $1600

Unitree expects to transform the consumer-grade quadruped sector with the release of its latest quadruped robot – the Unitree Go2. The starting price for the robot is $1,600 (tax and freight excluded). The Go2 is available in three configurations starting with the entry-level Go2 Air priced at $1600. Read More

gallery of humanoid type robots

1. Humanoids ready to take first steps

The age of humanoids is just around the corner. Humanoids are a subset of robotics that feature a bipedal (two legs) design, functional arms and “hands,” a torso and a head. It’s not necessary for these robots to recreate human hands and fingers, but rather to be able to interact with a world designed for humans. Read More

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