Top 10 mobile robotics stories of March 2024

From big events such as MODEX and NVIDIA GTC to new products, software upgrades, and significant deployments, there was no shortage of news to cover in March 2024.

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Otto Motors software screengrab.

10. OTTO Motors updates software to optimize warehouse floor space use

While automation may be easy to build into new, greenfield factories and warehouses, operators need mobile robots that don’t occupy too much space in existing, brownfield facilities. OTTO Motors by Rockwell Automation released its latest software update, Version 2.30, which is designed to optimize floor space and enhance operations in confined environments. Read More

hero image of the segway nova carter amr.9. Segway introduces Nova Carter mobile robot development platform in March 2024

Segway and NVIDIA designed the Nova Carter platform to accelerate the development of autonomous forklifts and guided vehicles. Its wide sensor array, artificial intelligence, and adaptability enable Nova Carter to function safely among humans in dynamic, unstructured areas, claimed the companies. Read More

8. Simbe Robotics finding success counting inventory at BJs Wholesale Club

Simbe Robotics Inc. recently announced an expansion of its contract to deploy Tally autonomous mobile robots at BJ’s Wholesale Club warehouse stores. These robots operate within the shopping area to continually monitor product inventory levels by imaging the pallets of items and reconciling the data with the warehouse management system. Read More

LG CarryBot line.

7. LG CLOi CarryBot for warehouse use makes U.S. debut at MODEX

LG Business Solutions USA’s latest autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) made their debut at MODEX in Atlanta. The LG CLOi CarryBot family is designed to navigate complex floor plans to move and deliver payloads in customizable configurations, with loading and unloading performed by workers, said the company. Read More

Mobile Industrial Robots incorporated new AI capabilities into the MiR1200 Pallet Jack in March 2024.

6. Mobile Industrial Robots launches MiR1200 autonomous pallet jack

AMRs are among the systems benefitting from the latest advances in AI. At LogiMAT in March 2024, Mobile Industrial Robots launched the MiR1200 Pallet Jack, which it said uses 3D vision and AI to identify pallets for pickup and delivery “with unprecedented precision.” Read More

Tompkins Robotics PickPallet mobile robot.

5. PickPallet autonomous pallet jack joins Tompkins Robotics portfolio

Mobile robot vendors are both widening their portfolios and adding more specialized models. Tompkins Robotics introduced PickPallet, an automated pallet jack for warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. The Orlando, Fla.-based company said the second product in its PickPal line can facilitate pallet transportation and case-to-pallet assistance throughout a facility. Read More

Anyware Robotics showed its add-on conveyor in March 2024.

4. Anyware Robotics announces new add-on for Pixmo unloading robots in March 2024

Anyware Robotics announced an add-on for its Pixmo robot for truck and container unloading. The patent-pending accessory includes a vertical lift with a conveyor belt that is attached to Pixmo between the robot and the boxes to be unloaded. Read More

VisionNav VNST20 PRO demo at MODEX in March 2024.

3. VisionNav demonstrates VNST20 PRO trailer loading/unloading at MODEX

VisionNav Robotics USA Inc. launched the VNST20 PRO, the latest automatic system for loading and unloading trailer trucks. At MODEX in Atlanta, it demonstrated the new automated guided vehicle (AGV) moving pallets of goods from a container. Read More

automated warehouse logo.2. Stationary conveying integration in the warehouse

In this release of The Automated Warehouse series, we asked warehouse professionals to share their experiences with integrating stationary conveyance equipment into their operations. In this March 2024 whitepaper, we explore the goals and challenges of warehouse operators evaluating, implementing, and integrating conveyor systems. Read More

image of a shipping container filled with boxes and the door open - copyright Adobe stock.

1. Autonomous container unloading systems come to the dock

Until last year, autonomous container unloading of containers and trailers was one of the remaining “holy grail” applications for the automated warehouse. Every logistics and distribution center depends on ingesting new items, which typically arrive at the loading dock in trailers or shipping containers. Read More

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