Top 10 mobile robotics stories of October 2023

From RoboBusiness in Santa Clara to exciting new deployments and product announcements, there was no shortage of mobile robotics news to cover this month.

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10. Glidance wins RoboBusiness Pitchfire Competition

There are approximately one million adults in the United States who have blindness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the Perkins School for the Blind, only an estimated 2 to 8% of blind adults use a white cane to navigate the world. The rest rely on a guide dog, or, most often, a sighted guide. Read More

9. PODCAST: Daniel Theobald on funding early startups and the future for ag robotics

On this episode, we sit down with Vecna Robotics Founder and Chairman Daniel Theobald and talk about the perils of funding early-stage robotics startups and the experience that Daniel will bring to the Robotics Startup Workshop on October 18 at RoboBusiness 2023. Read More


8. Keenon Robotics introduces DINERBOT T10

Keenon Robotics, a developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for the service industry, has announced its latest multifunctional serving robot, the DINERBOT T10, in Japan. The DINERBOT T10 offers multi-modal interaction through voice, touch, and vision, and offers versatility in head accessories for customization. Read More

2023 roar team picture.7. UC Berkeley autonomous racing team sets new road course record

The AI Racing Tech Team led by UC Berkeley’s Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) program achieved the fastest autonomous lap time ever recorded on the U.S. Road Course track, at 1 minute 27 seconds at the Putnam Park Road Course in Greencastle, Indiana on August 31. The team’s custom Dallara AV-21 race car, which is considered the most advanced autonomous car ever built and valued at over a million dollars, broke the previous autonomous course record of 2 minutes 9 seconds. Read More

6. FBR prepares to deliver Hadrian X robotic bricklaying solution in the U.S.

FBR has reprioritized the delivery of the Hadrian X construction robotic bricklaying solution to the U.S. due to the high demand for the technology. Following the delivery of the first of three order units, FBR’s second next-generation Hadrian X will be fitted to a U.S.-certified truck chassis and made available through a Wall as a Service (WaaS) entity in Florida. Read More

Geek+ standard Shelf-to-Person robotic system for order fulfillment automation.

5. Geek+ leads market share ranking for order fulfillment mobile robots worldwide

Geek+ has been ranked by research firm Interact Analysis as the global market leader in order fulfillment robots. The British-based firm’s latest industry forecast underlines the continued growth of the warehouse robotics industry and highlights Geek+’s leading position in the categories of both order fulfillment robots and Autonomous Mobile Robots. In the order fulfillment category, Geek+’s market share is more than double compared to the companies ranked second and third. Read More

4. 2024 Farm Robotics Challenge competition kickoff

In the realm of the 2024 Farm Robotics Challenge, the convergence of technology and agriculture takes center stage as a means to address real AgTech issues in the field. This groundbreaking (literally) competition has the ambitious goal of pushing the boundaries of agriculture while challenging a new generation of automation engineers with a passion for agriculture. Read More

3. Exotec reaches 100 customer sites

Exotec, a global warehouse robotics provider, said it reached over 100 customer sites globally. The company said it is on track to increase its global employee headcount 80% YoY by 2024 to support its growth across APAC, Europe, and North America. Read More

2. New AMR safety standard available with release of ANSI/A3 R15.08-2

The new American National Standard for Industrial Mobile Robots – Safety Requirements Part 2: Requirements for IMR system(s) and IMR application(s) is now available. This document is part 2 of a planned 3-part document series on the safety of industrial mobile robots (IMR). Part 1 defines what an IMR is, along with a number of terms and definitions that are useful in creating a common terminology for the industry. Read More

ForwardX AMR.

1. DHL deploys ForwardX AMRs in flagship warehouse

DHL is a highly regarded and globally recognized supply chain service enterprise. Just one of its flagship warehouses is dedicated to providing daily replenishment for approximately 600 locations for a chain brand coffee store within a single city. In just one year, the number of stores supported by the warehouse had doubled from 300 to 600, with peak shipment volumes reaching 400 cubic meters. Read More

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