Top 10 mobile robotics stories of March 2023

From all of the exciting mobile robots at ProMat, to app and software launches, there was no shortage of news to cover for the mobile robotic industry in March 2023.

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10. Clearpath Robotics announces Husky Observer

Clearpath Robotics, a manufacturer of mobile robotics platforms for research and development, announced Husky Observer, a fully integrated system designed to accelerate inspection solutions. This new configuration of the Husky aims to enable robotics developers and technology groups to build their inspection solutions and fast-track their system development. Read More

Naas mobile robot in a parking lot.

9. Mobile electric vehicle charging from NaaS

China-based, NaaS Technology Inc. launched its first autonomous mobile charging robot with features like active vehicle locating, smart charging, and automatic payment settlement to meet the growing demand for mobile charging of electric vehicles (EVs). The company is a producer of EV charging infrastructure with a variety of (stationary) chargers ranging from 30-400kW. This is the company’s first mobile charging product. Read More

built robotics pile driver robot.8. Built Robotics launches RPD 35 pile driving robot for solar market

Built Robotics announced the RPD 35 fully autonomous solar piling system. With the RPD 35, utility-scale solar foundations can be constructed up to five times faster than with traditional means and methods, bringing the nation closer to net zero energy. Read More

A 6 River Systems robot in a warehouse with a person walking behind it.7. 6 River Systems released mobile fulfillment app

6 River Systems, part of global commerce company Shopify, announced plans to launch its latest innovation, the Mobile Fulfillment app, part of a series of new tools designed to increase speed and efficiency within a warehouse. Read More

Otto 600

6. OTTO Motors launches OTTO 600 and improved software

At ProMat 2023, OTTO Motors unveiled its newest AMR – the OTTO 600. The OTTO 600 extends OTTO Motors’ portfolio to five different models that can carry payloads from 100kg (297 lbs) to 1,500kg (4,200 lbs). OTTO AMRs are designed to automate material handling operations in manufacturing and logistics facilities. Read More

5. PODCAST: ProMat 2023 robotics recap

In episode 109 of The Robot Report Podcast, co-hosts Steve Crowe and Mike Oitzman discuss the news and stories from the event. Also in this week’s episode, Mike highlights news related to the future of AI and robotics from the recent Nvidia GTC event. Read More

Three cleaning robots from Yijiahe Technology.

4. Yijiahe Technology Co announces cleaning robots

Yijiahe Technology Co. announced it’s releasing a line of commercial cleaning robots and a cloud-based management platform built to serve a variety of cleaning use cases. While the company has over 20 years of experience with service robots, this is its first foray into the commercial cleaning industry. Read More

Vecna's pallet handling AMR.

3. 3PL GEODIS nearly doubles case picking throughput with AMRs

GEODIS, a leading third-party logistics company (3PL), recently deployed autonomous mobile robots (AMR) from Vecna Robotics for case picking. The AMRs were deployed at GEODIS’ Indianapolis campus, where the company said it saw a 1.7x increase in productivity after the robot was installed. Read More

bear robotics2. Bear Robotics introduces larger restaurant robot Servi Plus

Bear Robotics launched a robot, Servi Plus, that is an extension to its existing product line of front-of-house restaurant delivery robots. The new platform has a bigger payload capacity, enhanced user experience features and the smoothest suspension engineering in the industry for transporting liquids and traversing ramps. Read More

hero image of Tevel Alpha-bot1. Tevel Aerobotics ready for deployment

Tevel Aerobotics, an Israeli ag-tech startup with a novel drone-based harvesting solution, demonstrated the latest edition of its harvesting solution at the 2023 World Ag Expo. The company partnered with S&S Metal Fabrication to build an autonomous tree fruit harvesting solution called the Alpha-Bot that is ready for deployment this upcoming growing season. Tevel Aerobotics is a 2021 recipient of an RBR50 innovation award for fruit-collecting drones. Read More

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