Top 10 mobile robotics stories of October 2022

From Walmart acquiring a robotics company to a big company launching a forklift division to Starship Technologies putting more robots on campuses, there was no shortage mobile robotics news to cover in October.

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Segway Servebot S1 at International Franchise Show in Seoul, Korea.

10. Segway demonstrates Servebot S1

Segway Robotics demoed the Servebot S1 solution at the recent International Franchise Show in Seoul. The company partnered with the Korean company Robo-wide as it expands into south Asia. The tradeshow was an opportunity to get the attention of the broader food service market. Read More

mir amr9. Teradyne merges AMR companies AutoGuide, MiR

Teradyne companies Mobile Industrial Robots and AutoGuide Mobile Robots have merged to become a single supplier of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). At the end of September 2022, the integrated company officially became known as Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). Read More

Stratom Atlas

8. Stratom demos new ATLAS autonomous pallet loader vehicle

Stratom, a developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems for logistics and operational applications, announced the successful field demonstration of its patent-pending ATLAS vehicle, Stratom’s advanced autonomous pallet loader (APL). Read More

7. Ottonomy.IO’s Ottobot launched at GITEX

Ottonomy‘s fully autonomous delivery robots, Ottobots, made its debut at GITEX Global, the annual enterprise technology and global digital transformation event that takes place in Dubai. The e& Pavilion showcased innovation and technology that will move smart cities forward. Ottobots was featured as a part of e& Pavilion and delivered refreshments to customers who can order food and beverage leveraging e&’s money app. Read More

6. SoftBank Robotics partners with Gausium to deploy 2 robotic solutions

SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA), the North American arm of SoftBank, and Gausium, a provider of autonomous cleaning and service robots, announced a new partnership to deploy indoor automated robots in the US. SBRA and Gausium will work to help companies adopt, integrate and scale robotic solutions within their organizations. Read More

starship robots

5. Starship Technologies, Grubhub expand robotic deliveries to 5 campuses

Starship Technologies partnered with Grubhub to roll out its sidewalk robot delivery service at five more college campuses: the University of Kentucky, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Wayne State University, Southern Methodist University and Fairfield University. Read More

4. PODCAST: Viam opens beta of new robotics platform; Amazon/FedEx end testing of delivery robots

Welcome to Episode 96 of The Robot Report Podcast, which brings conversations with robotics innovators straight to you. Join us each week for discussions with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies and other key members of the robotics community. Read More

3. Software upgrade improves performance of OTTO Motors’ AMRs

OTTO Motors released a software upgrade that increases the speed and performance of its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for materials handling applications. For example, it claims the new 2.26 software release improves the speed of its OTTO 1500 v1.2 AMR by as much as 10%. Read More

big joe forklifts

2. Big Joe Forklifts launches autonomous division

Big Joe Forklifts created an autonomous division to better serve its customers as manufacturing environments increasingly look to adopt new technologies. The company’s goal for the new division is to create simple machines that can be set up and start delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) on its first day. Earlier this year, Big Joe unveiled its first robot, a collaborative robot named BUD. Read More

1. Walmart acquiring ASRS maker Alert Innovation

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has agreed to acquire Alert Innovation for an undisclosed price. Alert Innovation is a North Billerica, Mass.-based developer of robotic e-grocery fulfillment technologies. Alert Innovation will continue to operate under the Alert Innovation brand based in the Boston area. Read More

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