Unitree launches new personal quadruped for $1600

Unitree expects to transform the consumer-grade quadruped sector with the release of its latest quadruped robot – the Unitree Go2. The starting price for the robot is $1,600 (tax and freight excluded).

The Go2 is available in three configurations starting with the entry-level Go2 Air priced at $1600. The Go2 Pro ($2800) includes a more capable processor, 4G networking, along with additional sensors that enable more capabilities, including a side-by-side follow feature.  The top-of-the-line Go2 Edu edition adds foot pad force sensors, an optional servo-controlled arm, and the option for a high compute processing unit in the Nvidia Jetson Orin and a bigger battery to support the additional process requirements and longer runtime. The pricing for the Go2 Edu depends on how the robot is optioned.

As seen in the video at the start of the article, Go2 features Unitree’s self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 for perception with 360° x 90° hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, a smaller blind spot, and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m. This enables Go2 to automatically recognize various terrains, and terrain transitions.

The robot measures 70x31x40 cm (27.5″x12.2″x15.7″) and weighs about 15 kg (~33 lbs).

At the heart of the system is an embodied AI interface for natural language commands of the Go2. The system embraces a large language base, which enables Go2 to fully understand its user’s intention and better comprehend its surroundings.

The new ISS2.0 Intelligent side-follow system adopts wireless vector positioning and control technology. As a result, the positioning accuracy is technically upgraded by 50%, the remote control distance is over 30m, and combined with the optimized obstacle avoidance strategy, it can make the robot better traverse complex terrain.

Go2 sends images in real-time and shows radar altitude maps, so users can check their surroundings at any time and from anywhere. The app can also show the parameters of each sensor so that you can get a better idea of how the robot is working. Another benefit is that Go2 can update its own software over the air (OTA) to make the user experience better.

This generation of the quadruped had its motor performance enhanced by 30% with a peak joint torque of 45 N.m. The battery capacity is increased to 8,000-15,000mAh battery.

Go2 can be equipped with a servo robotic arm (in the Edu edition) for additional operational interactions.

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