UVD Robotics Launched 3rd Generation of UV Disinfection Solution

Market leading UV disinfection solutions provider UVD Robotics has launched the third generation of their award winning UV light disinfection platform. UVD Robotics launched their first generation of the disinfection solution way back in 2015, long before the advent of the COVID19 pandemic. They currently have the largest population of UV disinfection robots in the world. This latest product release builds on everything that they have learned up to this point.

UVD Robotics is Recommended

The second generation of the UVD robot was selected as one of only three recommended solutions in our Disinfection Solutions Buyers Guide, published in April, 2020. Since January 2020, the autonomous UV Disinfection solutions market has grown to 30+ solutions. UVD Robotics continues to lead the pack worldwide, due in part to their established market presence.

The UVD robot in both hospital and airport settings

UVD Robotics has found a solid market in both airports and hospitals (image courtesy of UVD Robotics)

“We have designed the world’s most advanced UV robot, which is also the world’s simplest to use,” says Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots. “Anyone can install the robot in a matter of minutes and immediately put it into operation, disinfecting bacteria and viruses from the air and any surface.” The third-generation robot from UVD Robots can also navigate and operate in very small and narrow environments, which opens up new market opportunities such as the autonomous disinfection of small hotel rooms. The new robot has a significantly smaller footprint than its predecessor, yet boasts exactly the same disinfection strength. “The more agile robots are, the more useful they can be in automating disinfection,” says Nielsen.

New Features for the UVD Robotics Solution

The latest generation of the solution includes:

  • Smaller footprint -> now 550mm wide (from 660mm in the second generation)
  • Heat map and an Exposure map for the operator to improve disinfection process
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Manual, remote driving via a tablet
  • Updated onboard sensors
  • Powered by Li-MNC batteries for extended disinfection cycles and larger areas

With a smaller footprint (550mm width), the generation C robot can now be deployed into narrower areas such as trains and airplanes. Overall, the ease of use has been improved with a host of software features requested by real users.

UVD Software workflow diagram

UVD Robotics has improved the user disinfection workflow to simplify operations (image courtesy of UVD Robotics)

With success in the market comes the opportunity to improve their channel reach, and their marketing investment. The latest iteration of their website includes use cases in a variety of markets and regions.

“The largest share of the robots that UVD Robots delivers are to the healthcare sector; others are supplied to a very wide range of industries that want to use modern technology to effectively protect guests, students, travelers and others that stay in potentially contaminated areas,” explains Nielsen. Worldwide, there are more than 30,000 hospitals and studies show that at least 10 percent of those infected with Covid-19 in one of the world’s hardest hit countries during the pandemic, the United States, are healthcare professionals. “We are also seeing a large order intake from shopping centers, pharma/life science and commercial airports, among others,” says the UVD Robots CEO, adding that there are 17,000 airports worldwide.

Here’s a sample page from the Mobile Robot Guide Buyers Guide (note that when you purchase the guide, you get access to reviews of all of the solutions on the market, including pricing).

UVD Robot sample page from

The UVD Robotics (generation 2) product review page from the Disinfection Solutions Buyers Guide.

Ready to Join UVD?

Final note. Nothing hints at success more than a long list of jobs openings. UVD Robotics is hiring, and they urgently need help, as the application deadline for all of the jobs posted is “as soon as possible“!!!

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