VIAM and SCUTTLE Robotics partner on new AMR platform

CAD drawing of the Skuttlebot.
SCUTTLEBOT is an open-source, simple AMR platform designed to be constructed with COTS parts. | Source: SCUTTLEBOT

VIAM unveiled a collaboration with SCUTTLE Robotics LLC, an innovative open-source robotics platform founded by roboticist David Malawey. The SCUTTLE project was developed alongside the teaching curriculum for the first course in the Multidisciplinary Engineering degree program, which opened up in 2018 at Texas A&M. The new collaboration between VIAM and SCUTTLE Robotics transforms the process of robot configuration into less than 10 minutes through the VIAM software.

SCUTTLE has a mission to bridge the gap in education by equipping students with the tools and methodologies used in real-world industries. This mission is amplified when combined with VIAM, enabling a much quickly process of getting the platform functional and moving for the designer/user.

The SKUTTLEBOT v3.0 is also available for purchase as a complete robot for under $600.

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Here’s what VIAM and SCUTTLE Robotics deliver together with the new partnership:

Swift hardware configurations – With VIAM, SCUTTLE Robotics users can now seamlessly configure hardware, expediting the entire process.

Open-Source, flexible software integrations – The collaboration between VIAM and SCUTTLE delivers an environment that thrives on openness and adaptability. SCUTTLE’s software integrations have been fine-tuned to seamlessly interface with various platforms, and sensors to enable the adaptability of the platform for different use cases.

Enhanced Capabilities: From Motion Planning to Machine Learning – The spectrum of capabilities is broadened, encompassing everything from motion planning to tools like Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and Machine Learning (ML).

About the partnership, David Malawey said, “Viam provides a common interface for all the different specialties in robotics… That gives you so much more room to develop quickly and trust that you can reintegrate what you’ve made.”

Together with SCUTTLE Robotics, VIAM is embarking on a journey to push the conventional boundaries of robotics. This alliance serves as a testament to VIAM’s commitment to fostering rapid development, not only in academic settings but also within industrial applications.

For complete details, check out the blog post on the VIAM website.

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