Yijiahe Technology Co announces line of cleaning robots

Three cleaning robots from Yijiahe Technology.
The J30, J40 and J110 from Yijiahe Technology. | Source: Yijiahe Technology

Yijiahe Technology Co. announced that its releasing a line of commercial cleaning robots and a cloud-based management platform built to serve a variety of cleaning use cases. While the company has over 20 years of experience with service robots, this is its first foray into the commercial cleaning industry.

The company’s line of cleaning robots is made up of both indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning robots. Yijiahe offers the J30 series, an indoor series that features a “Cleaning+” function that combines cleaning with promotions, receptions, presentations and other possibilities. The company also offers the J40 indoor cleaning robot, which provides end-users with 5 different modes and automatic refill and recharge. These features are aimed at freeing up workers from the repetitive work of refilling and recharging the robot.

Yijiahe’s outdoor commercial cleaning robot, J110, is built to tackle tough cleaning terrains, like parking lots, sidewalks and other outdoor spaces. The J110 has an automatic bagging feature.

Along with the three cleaning robots, Yijiahe released a cloud management platform to complement its robots. This platform allows customers to remotely manage and monitor their robots, providing real-time data and analytics to optimize cleaning performance.

Yijiahe is based in Nanjing, China and offers a variety of robotics that can be used in power grips, new energy and other facilities. The company has more than 100 patent authorizations and its robots are being used in more than 30 provinces and cities across China. The company is working to deploy its robots in other countries and expand its global footprint.

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