Yusen Logistics uses DexoryView to improve warehouse visibility, efficiency

Dexory provides a mobile platform as part of the DexoryView solution for warehouse visibility.
DexoryView includes automated data collection for real-time inventory visibility. Source: Dexory

Yusen Logistics Co. provides businesses with ocean and air freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution services, and supply chain management. The global is constantly looking for ways to improve its services to its end customers, including leading electronics manufacturers. Last week, Dexory said that Yusen Logistics has implemented its DexoryView platform for visibility into its warehouse operations.

“Yusen Logistics [is] investing in digitization and automation to provide our customers with real-time visibility of their inventory,” stated Darren Felstead, head of contract logistics at Yusen Logistics. “The use of robotics and automation helps to optimize our warehouse space, which reduces costs, improves performance and stock accuracy, and removes down time for manual stock takes.”

Founded in 1955, Yusen Logistics has more than 25,000 employees worldwide at more than 680 locations in 47 countries and regions, plus 2.96 million sq. m (31.2 million sq. ft.) of warehousing space. The company, which has offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, provides services including contract logistics, hazardous materials logistics, and reverse logistics.

Yusen Logistics also provides road and rail transport, intermodal and multi-modal transport, plus customs brokerage. It is a member of the Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha group (NYK), one of the oldest and largest shipping companies in the world — established in 1885. NYK has a total of 35,000 employees and generates annual revenues of approximately $20 billion (U.S.).

Yusen Logistics (Europe) BV is an Amsterdam-based division of Yusen Logistics Co. It employs 7,500 people and is active in 17 countries across Europe, operating from over 140 facilities with over 1.3 million sq. m (13.9 million sq. ft.) of warehousing space. The division focuses on automotive, aerospace, retail, healthcare, technology, and food logistics.

Dexory delivers real-time warehouse data

Dexory conducts regular warehouse scans for Yusen Logistics. Source: Dexory
Dexory conducts regular
warehouse scans for Yusen
Logistics. Source: Dexory

Three school friends from Romania with experience from Formula 1, Google, and IBM founded Dexory in 2015. They applied their expertise to help transform warehouse management practices worldwide. The company raised $19 million in Series A funding a year ago.

Dexory said it captures real-time insights into warehouse operations using autonomous robots and artificial intelligence. The London-based company said its systems can provide data about all levels of business operations, helping companies boost their performance.

By deploying Dexory’s technology, Yusen Logistics is now able to conduct wall-to-wall scans of its entire warehouse within two hours each day. This process used to take over one and a half weeks each month and over 100 hours of manual labor.

Previously, Yusen Logistics carried out two annual wall-to-wall checks of the entire warehouse. By generating real-time data each day, the company has completely automated this task, saving an additional 205 hours of work annually.

Yusen Logistics streamlines operations with DexoryView

DexoryView has played a pivotal role in Yusen Logistics’ efforts to streamline warehouse operations while ensuring seamless order-fulfilment processes, said the companies. Yusen can now analyze an entire warehouse and see how errors affect its overall workflow.

The collaborators said their partnership “is based on a collaboration between Yusen Logistics and Dexory “represents a strategic alignment of expertise and innovation, with both companies at the forefront of transforming the industry.” Yusen added that it plans to continue using the latest technologies and forging partnerships to further drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

“Third-party logistics providers need to be able to execute on customer strategies and provide innovation and efficiency to drive both theirs and their customers’ businesses forwards,” said Oana Jinga, chief commercial and product officer and co-founder of Dexory. “Together, Dexory and Yusen Logistics are paving the way for a new era of supply chain management, powered by real-time data and our global visibility platform, that further enhance the value provision to their end customers.”

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